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bitlife mod apk
BitLife Mod Apk

BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk or basically called BitLife is a book based computer game discharged in 2018 by CandyWriter LLC. The goal of the game is to carry on with a computerized existence without battles and troubles, portrayed with kid’s shows and hilarious situations. On the Google Play Store, it was positioned as the most mainstream game on the site and portable application, just as on the Apple App Store.

By what method will you live your BitLife?

Will you attempt to settle on quite a few decisions trying to turn into a model resident at some point before you kick the bucket? You could wed the adoration for your life, have children, and get decent training en route.

Or then again will you play decisions that frighten your folks? You could plunge into an existence of wrongdoing, become hopelessly enamored or go on experiences, start jail riots, pirate duffle packs, and undermine your companion. You pick your story…

BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk Overview

Find how a tiny bit at a time life decisions can mean decide your achievement in life the game.

Intuitive story games have been around for quite a long time. Be that as it may, this is the primary content life test system to genuinely crush up and reproduce grown-up life.

bitlife life mod apk
BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk v3.1.10 Download (Bitizenship, Max Index)

Endless supply of another game, the character (you) has a randomized name, hair and the city and nation in which the character lives in differs. The main thing the application shows is who the character’s folks are, and their occupation, just as your birthday, star sign, how you were imagined and in the event that you have any kin or pets. At times, your character may have been set up for selection during childbirth. To add one year to your character’s life, you press the “Age” button.

For those who’re keen on reasonable reenactment ongoing interaction, BitLife – Life Simulator is unquestionably an extraordinary game to investigate. It has all that you need with an actual existence reenactment game. You’ll huge amounts of various intelligent highlights, which would give you heaps of fun. Discover increasingly about this astonishing game with our audits.

The game depends on its players to find and shape their own accounts, which is the reason you’re allowed to do anything in BitLife and your activities will figure out what direction you’re going. Starts your life as a, well, sperm. You’ll approach all the related choices that are identified with your characters. Do everything as you will, settle on your own choices, and see if they’re correct or wrong.

Right now, the players will approach different activities and choices which would in the end influence your own details. This is one of the most significant details as it decides your joy levels. While you’re remaining upbeat, things would liable to happen your direction and you’ll feel increasingly satisfied while getting things done. Then again, having low bliss would imply that your characters would prone to experience the ill effects of despondency. This makes him/her to turn out to be less compelling in each movement that he/she is taking part in.

Having great wellbeing is constantly an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you need to carry on with a satisfying life. This would permit you to take an interest more exercises, increment your work exhibitions, and keeping from having a short and incomplete life.

Between ages 0 and 5, you are viewed as a “baby.” Between ages 5 and 8, contingent upon the nation you are playing in, you start basic or grade school. You at that point advance to the following degree of tutoring between ages 11 and 14, either “center school” or “optional school” contingent upon the nation, and afterward (in certain nations) to a last degree of fundamental tutoring by age 16. In center school or auxiliary school, the choice to join a school club opens up, just as the alternative to join an inner circle. Every single female character will likewise have their menarche arbitrarily between ages 10 and 15. At age 10, it gets conceivable to discover a date or be asked out on one. After arriving at age 12, exercises to raise the character’s four bars (satisfaction, wellbeing, smarts, and looks) begin opening up. At that point by age 14, the alternative to get low maintenance or independent employments opens up.

BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk Screenshots

bitlife mod apk

bitlife mod apk


During adolescence, you are to a great extent constrained in exercises to do. You might have the option to approach your folks for cash, contingent upon how liberal or rich your folks are as appeared by their “liberality” or “cash” bar. Different spring up situations may likewise show up contingent upon what age you are at. In your “early stages” for instance, you may experience situations including your first words or being taken to get immunized. When you arrive at young, situations including exercises with companions, your “first kiss,” school moves, or different occasions may show up.

Features of BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Bitizenship
  • Anti BAN
  • No ROOT
  • Social Login 

About BitLife Life Simulator Mod APK

App Name BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk
File Size 134M
Operating System
5.0 and up
Latest Version v3.1.10
MOD Features: Unlocked Bitizenship
Last Updated

How to Install

  • Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.
  • Download from the link below download section
  • Locate the File in the storage of the device.
  • Tap on the app and install the Mod Apk.
  • Done.
  • Enjoy!
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Final Words (Conclusions)

During the seven day stretch of Halloween in 2019, a significant update was discharged including various seasonly themed things, for example, “frequented” houses containing different heavenly creatures like “phantoms” and “evil spirits,” just as a possibility for your character to “spruce up” for Halloween, which after doing so changed your character’s emoticon to whatever outfit you picked until the character arrived at the age of 8. Different highlights incorporated countless spring up situations, incorporating irregular experiences with otherworldly creatures who could initiate different medical issues or through and through death for your character. Upon the arrival of Halloween itself, work occupations as a “zombie,” a “witch,” and a “vampire” were accessible for 24 hours.

Dissimilar to earlier significant updates, this update was the first to be discharged for Android preceding iOS (the two discharges were around one day separated). This was likewise the primary significant update to be explicitly focused on a vacation. Close by the Halloween themed highlights, the update likewise added eight new playable nations to the iOS rendition, including Hong Kong

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