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Trap Adventure 2 Apk is an addictive stage game for bad-to-the-bone gamers. There are many traps painstakingly put in all aspects of the game Trap Adventures 2. Hop high and attempt to maintain a strategic distance from spikes.

Spikes will execute you. They will. Continuously. Trap Adventure is about traps. What’s more, hardest experience. You hop, attempt to dodge traps, however at last you’ll get spikes. Most keen spikes.

   Trap Adventure 2 Apk

The second portion of Trap Adventure has new difficulties that will test even veteran players. In spite of the fact that the initial couple of levels appear to be simple, keeping your adventurer alive will turn out to be increasingly more troublesome as you beat levels and the game turns out to be quicker and quicker. Give close consideration to the planning of your hops If you would prefer not to fall into the traps, which will end your game.